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October 30th 2015  |   Wildlife Safaris, Conservation Safaris, Tanzania  |  by   Richard Smith

Want to see the predators in the David Attenborough narrated BBC series "The Hunt"? We have the perfect safari for you in Tanzania and here's why you should choose it: #1 Northern Tanzania is chock full of predators Many of the predators featured in BBC’s “The Hunt” are seen in ... Read more

October 29th 2015  |   Botswana, Kenya, Wildlife Safaris, South Africa, Tanzania  |  by   Richard Smith

Many of the predators featured in the BBC's "The Hunt" documentary are seen in abundance in various locations in Africa. Over 100 different film locations were used and we illustrate here a few firm safari favourite wildlife areas, as well as some lesser known but exclusive safari destinations. Cheetah - Masai Mara, Kenya Touch ... Read more

October 28th 2015  |   Botswana, Kenya, South Africa, Tanzania, Zambia  |  by   Charlotte Opperman
Leobo Observatory, Waterburg, South Africa

Africa is at its best and most fun when you share it with family or a group of friends. The increasing number of lovely private safari houses provide perfect accommodation for these types of holidays, and offer private guides, completely flexible activities and dining, and even specially tailored menus if ... Read more

October 27th 2015  |   Malawi, Mozambique, Seychelles, South Africa  |  by   Charlotte Opperman
Pool overlooking the beach, Villa Amiza, Azura Benguerra, Mozambique

We’ve done a bit of digging through the travel press to see if their idea of the best African beach villas matched our own. Ndomo House, Kaya Mawa, Lake Malawi We’d certainly agree with Will Hide who, in his Guardian article ‘Top 100 holiday beach houses: Africa and the Middle ... Read more

October 26th 2015  |   Travel, South Africa  |  by   Richard Smith

The South African 'Grand Tour' by luxury train One of the best ways to view this vast country is to take a luxury train journey. It’s just one country on a map, but South Africa arguably has greater diversity than many continents. You can sunbathe on the beach alongside penguins at Boulders ... Read more

October 20th 2015  |   Botswana, Kenya, Riding Safaris, Mozambique, South Africa, Tanzania  |  by   Alice Gully

You need to be organised when packing for a riding safari. With a limited luggage allowance you need to be prepared but not go over board as a full laundry service is available. Here is our list of riding essentials: 1 Riding hat A light weight riding hat such as ... Read more

October 13th 2015  |   Shop  |  by   Alice Gully

I love Patrick Mavros’ silver work which is made more special for me as I worked in Zimbabwe as a skipper of catamarans and for a riding safari operation. The Mavros family is from Zimbabwe, with Patrick having worked as a baker and soldier before crafting a pair of earrings ... Read more

October 13th 2015  |   Shop  |  by   Charlotte Opperman

Safari holiday booked, and the dreaming of looking like Meryl Streep in Out of Africa has come to an abrupt stop. You've just noticed that many fly-in safaris come with the requirement to compress your entire wardrobe into a tiny bag weighing no more than 15kgs! Now there’s a knotty ... Read more

October 13th 2015  |   Wildlife Safaris, Conservation Safaris, Rwanda  |  by   Richard Smith

Everyone loves mountain gorillas. They live in a landscape akin to Eden, along the Western, or Albertine Rift, in one of Africa’s most biodiverse regions. In this haven of rainforest endemism the most celebrated wild mammal is the iconic mountain gorilla of the Virunga Massif. Spending half of the day ... Read more

October 13th 2015  |   Kenya, Wildlife Safaris, Tanzania  |  by   Richard Smith

The wildebeest, seemingly assembled from the wreckage of all the other plains species, is one of Africa’s most charismatic creatures. Despite the appearance of an evolutionary calamity, it is also one of the most successful. When herds around two million strong gather together to migrate between the southern parts of ... Read more