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October 25th 2019  |   Unique Experiences, South Africa  |  by   Rosanna Pile

Cape Town is famous for its eclectic mix of restaurants and wealth of talented chefs from around the world who are all about using fresh, local ingredients.  The most popular book up months in advance, but there are so many other options it’s often hard to know where to start.  ... Read more

October 23rd 2019  |   Unique Experiences  |  by   Becky Thomson

The wildlife, classic tented camps and stunning scenery are the hallmarks of a safari.  You’re also likely to leave Africa astonished by the sheer ingenuity of safari chefs.  They can rustle up perfect soufflés and cakes from holes in the ground, make the best breakfasts ever over an open fire ... Read more

October 21st 2019  |   Unique Experiences  |  by   Richard Smith

We’re often asked by our clients if the safari camps and lodges we work with can cater to various dietary requirements.  The answer is most definitely they can, so long as they have some advance warning (keep in mind that the more remote camps will only have sporadic deliveries so ... Read more

October 18th 2019  |   Unique Experiences  |  by   Jess Hills

When it comes to dining venues, Africa must surely offer more variety than anywhere else.  Here are some of our favourite spots: Giraffe Manor, Nairobi – Sharing breakfast with the resident giraffe is a delight like no other. Jack’s Camp, Makgadikgadi Pans, Botswana - Delicious small bites are served in ... Read more

October 9th 2019  |   Travel, Wildlife Safaris, Rwanda, Unique Experiences, Tanzania, Uganda  |  by   Richard Smith

Chimpanzees live in rainforest and wet savannah across several countries in central and East Africa and Aardvark Safaris offers guests the opportunities to track these charismatic animals in Uganda, Tanzania and Rwanda. Generally active during the day, chimpanzees spend much of their time on the forest floor foraging for food ... Read more

October 9th 2019  |   Botswana, Community Safaris, Travel, Unique Experiences, Zambia, Zimbabwe  |  by   Richard Smith

The original safaris were walking safaris and this is still one of the best ways to really experience Africa. With an expert guide alongside you, you’ll sense things around you in a way much more vivid than you would from a vehicle. It may be the case that you're not ... Read more

October 12th 2019  |   Travel, Unique Experiences, Zambia, Zimbabwe  |  by   Richard Smith

A bit of background first Victoria Falls is an essential stop on many southern African safaris - it is southern Africa’s adventure centre with plenty to do, and a wide choice of hugely different places to stay.  It’s where Aardvark Safaris was born too, with founders John Spence and Richard ... Read more

October 19th 2019  |   Riding Safaris  |  by   Alice Gully

I have gathered together some of our best riding safari blogs here.  There's information on everything from mobile riding safaris for experienced riders to lodges offering riding for children and novices.  I've included a handy packing list and a fun look at Africa's top safari horses too. 10 African Riding ... Read more