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July 22nd 2020  |   Family Safaris, Wildlife Safaris, Conservation Safaris, Unique Experiences  |  by   Alice Gully

Tailor made travel is our forte and it’s rare that any two of our holidays are the same. We love the challenge of coming up with something special that ‘nails it’ in terms of personalising a safari just for you. But where we do see some similarity is in the ... Read more

July 21st 2020  |   Wildlife Safaris, Unique Experiences  |  by   Francis Naumann

Regular updates from our partners in Africa keep us informed and inspired. From wild dog movements to camp upgrades it’s all logged this end so we’re totally up to date.  We thought we’d share some of the good news stories that have popped into our inboxes over the last few ... Read more

July 16th 2020  |   Wildlife Safaris, Conservation Safaris, Unique Experiences  |  by   Richard Smith

Recent chat around tourism has suggested people will want to travel more ethically and sustainably in a post-Covid world, and while it’s undeniable that you’ll have to burn some carbon to get to Africa, there are myriad ways of supporting this wish when you actually arrive. Our choice at Aardvark ... Read more

July 2nd 2020  |   Unique Experiences, Ethiopia  |  by   Francis Naumann

Ethiopia is primarily thought of as a cultural destination, and it has such an amazing history and rich culture that many people are happy to just focus on this aspect of the country.  However, it does in fact have a very wide range of habitats, and very varied wildlife as ... Read more

July 2nd 2020  |   Travel, Unique Experiences  |  by   Francis Naumann

We are confident that as well as being the most exciting, romantic, beautiful and richly rewarding continent on Earth, Africa will also be one of the safest places for a holiday once we are allowed to travel again.  During the Coronavirus hiatus, safari camps and lodges have devoted time to ... Read more