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March 23rd 2021  |   News  |  by   Richard Smith

On 17 March 2020 the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) advised against all but essential travel for UK travellers destined anywhere around the globe for 30 days. This advice has been updated a number of times, including updating the global advisory against ‘all but essential’ travel in the summer ... Read more

March 10th 2021  |   Wildlife Safaris, Unique Experiences  |  by   Alice Gully

The final article in our trio chatting to some of our safari guide friends looks at how they’ve coped with far fewer guests over the last year and their thoughts on what the future holds for the wilderness and wildlife. For many, the great reduction in guests has offered a ... Read more

March 2nd 2021  |   Unique Experiences  |  by   Charlotte Opperman

The response to our latest e-newsletter has shown us the deep desire people have to experience Africa and its special places. While we may not be able to hop on a plane just yet, there is the chance to live some of the experiences vicariously through television. Our team has ... Read more

February 23rd 2021  |   Unique Experiences  |  by   Richard Smith

Let’s preface the ‘close call’ part of this article with the fact that our guests travel to camps and lodges staffed by a wonderful collection of experienced and enthusiastic guides who will steer you through the bush with great knowledge and care. While we might travel to Africa once a ... Read more

February 22nd 2021  |   Kenya  |  by   Alice Gully

Wild – The Masai Mara’s Conservancies The Masai Mara is a must see in Kenya.   Most of us in the Aardvark Safaris’ team would make it one of our suggestions for people on their first safari. In fact, we’d probably also recommend it for those who have enjoyed a ... Read more

March 2nd 2021  |   Wildlife Safaris, Unique Experiences  |  by   Francis Naumann

Hidden gems, local secrets and features that make wildlife viewing extra special will elevate your safari from ‘good’ to ‘extraordinary’. As out-and-out-Africa specialists we’ve got access to all sorts of behind the scenes information to help us tailor incredible safari holidays. For this article though, we thought we’d ask some ... Read more

February 8th 2021  |   Tanzania  |  by   Francis Naumann

Wild – The Serengeti The Serengeti is one of the best known wildlife habitats on the planet thanks to numerous film and TV documentaries and the efforts of some immensely dedicated conservationists. It is truly wild, with one of the world's greatest populations of large mammals strewn across an area ... Read more

February 2nd 2021  |   South Africa  |  by   Richard Smith

Wild – The Timbavati Spreading luxuriantly over much of north eastern South Africa, the Kruger National Park is one of Africa’s finest wildlife reserves, a treasure trove of wildlife in a region of exceptional natural beauty and an essential part of any South African safari. The Kruger stretches for over ... Read more

February 15th 2021  |   Namibia  |  by   Richard Smith

Wild – Sossusvlei Safari in Namibia and you will come away raving about the landscapes, the colours and the changing hues. The most famous of all is, perhaps, the incredible landscape of Sossusvlei where the wind constantly sculpts and re-sculpts the majestic dunes, their other-worldly beauty standing vivid against the ... Read more

February 1st 2021  |   Unique Experiences  |  by   Richard Smith

The final episode of David Attenborough’s BBC series ‘A Perfect Planet’ looked at the role humans play in the changes to the earth’s weather, oceans and living world. The alteration of these ‘life support systems’ and the impact this has on the natural world is described in vivid detail. From ... Read more

January 19th 2021  |   Botswana  |  by   Lucinda Rome

Botswana is an exceptional safari destination, a rare combination of desert and delta, coupled with staggering amounts of wildlife. If you want a classic safari amid Africa’s iconic animals, with wonderful guiding and lovely accommodation then look no further than this irresistible paradise. Zip between safari areas by light aircraft ... Read more