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February 7th 2020  |   Conservation Safaris  |  by   Charlotte Opperman

'Eco' and 'conservation' are big words in the safari industry right now, with camps and lodges keenly aware of the need to protect the delicate environments in which they operate.  There are myriad interesting schemes on the ground - the following is just a small snapshot of some that have ... Read more

February 7th 2020  |   Interviews  |  by   Jess Hills

Jess has recently returned from a South African riding safari with Wait a Little, who run superb rides in Big Five wildlife areas adjacent to the Kruger National Reserve.  She and co-owner Gerti Kusseler had a chat one evening over a sundowner. How do you choose the horses? We’ve got ... Read more

February 6th 2020  |   Family Safaris  |  by   Charlotte Opperman

Heading off as a family in the summer and at Christmas is obvious, but there are plenty of other school holidays to use for a safari, and lots of places with great wildlife and weather to use them. February Half Term Skiing can break the bank in the February half ... Read more

February 6th 2020  |   Shop  |  by   Richard Smith

Luggage is limited on light aircraft, so safari goers generally need to pack light. However different African countries, and internal airlines, have difference weight allowances. While you will need to check your particular safari holiday, we’ve listed the main ones here as a general guide. Botswana:  Luggage, including camera equipment ... Read more

February 3rd 2020  |   Shop  |  by   Richard Smith

Your iPhone or smartphone can be upgraded to your travel camera if you enhance it with these handy accessories. Joby GripTight ONE GP Magnetic Impulse This portable tripod can be attached to trees or posts with its flexible wrap around legs.  It’s a great way to help eliminate shaky images ... Read more

January 28th 2020  |   Family Safaris  |  by   Richard Smith

Back in 2000, soon after we started, the Aardvark Safaris’ team had nine children between the five of us. It was natural therefore for us to want to know the best countries and lodges for family safaris. Since then we’ve travelled many times ourselves, and planned many more family holidays ... Read more

January 28th 2020  |   Family Safaris  |  by   Francis Naumann

A few days on the beach complement a safari perfectly.  It’s a great way to prepare for, or relax after, the early morning safari starts.  If you are travelling as a family, it's something we'd particularly recommend. The variety of accommodation spread along Africa’s glorious Indian Ocean coastline – from ... Read more

January 27th 2020  |   Family Safaris  |  by   Charlotte Opperman

Africa is at its best and most fun when you share it with family or a group of friends. The increasing numbers of exclusive safari houses provide perfect accommodation for these types of holidays, and offer private guides, completely flexible activities and dining, and even specially tailored menus if you ... Read more

January 27th 2020  |   Family Safaris  |  by   Charlotte Opperman

Safari activities come in many guises, with plenty more ways to enjoy the wilderness and wildlife than the traditional 4x4. Walking, riding (horses, camels and bikes), canoeing, boating, fishing - the list goes on, are all on offer if you know where to look. Mix it up a bit and ... Read more

January 24th 2020  |   Family Safaris  |  by   Alice Gully

If you’re looking for a family holiday with a difference we’d urge you to try a safari.  Yes, you might be met with the odd raised eyebrow accompanied by ‘are you sure it’s safe, won’t the children get bored’ (it is and, no, they won’t) but weather that and you’ll ... Read more