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April 28th 2017  |  South Africa, Unique Experiences  |  by  Richard Smith

We've picked the best places surrounding Cape Town to visit for day trips out around the beautiful Cape. From bracing coastal scenery, secluded bays to lush Wineland vineyards, there is something for everyone. Kalk Bay A gem on the False Bay coastline, Kalk Bay is known for its raw beauty, interesting shops, ... Read more

April 5th 2017  |  South Africa  |  by  Richard Smith

Known as the Mother City, with towering mountains, sparkling oceans, fragrant fynbos and fine architecture, Cape Town offers visitors many wonderful sightseeing options – whether local historical tours, scenic drives or day trips out to the pretty Wineland towns. We’ve compiled an overview of excursions in and around the city ... Read more

April 19th 2017  |  South Africa, Travel, Unique Experiences  |  by  Charlotte Opperman

Cape Town is awash with superb restaurants and you’ll find styles and prices to suit all tastes. However as tables at places like La Colombe are hard to come by, and the Tasting Room is about to close its doors, we felt it was time to get some local advice ... Read more

February 20th 2017  |  Travel  |  by  Charlotte Opperman

Despite years of trying only Alice and Roxy have actually seen one of these shy, nocturnal animals.   We chose the name to appear at the top of lists and catalogues.  Along with bespoke safaris, we plan wonderful beach holidays on the African coast and Indian Ocean islands.  It costs no ... Read more

April 10th 2017  |  Family Safaris, Kenya, Unique Experiences  |  by  Charlotte Opperman

Recently featured on the BBC’s ‘Amazing Hotels:  Life Beyond the Lobby’ series, Giraffe Manor is more than a lovely Kenyan hotel.  Sharing your breakfast coffee and eggs with a Rothschild giraffe is one of Africa’s more unusual experiences but stay a night or two here and that’s exactly what you ... Read more

March 31st 2017  |  Unique Experiences, Wildlife Safaris  |  by  Richard Smith

Getting your family away from constantly looking at screens might be part of your raison d’etre for a safari holiday. So what happens when you arrive in your luxury safari camp to find there’s Wi-Fi in the lounge and in every tent? Or are you someone who believes that “If ... Read more

March 17th 2017  |  Community Safaris, Travel  |  by  Richard Smith

As I spend my days helping to plan safari holidays, I'm on the receiving end of countless emails with links to safari camp newsletters and blogs. In general they’re an interesting mix of staffing news, updates on property renovations, wildlife sightings, and conservation information. There are plenty I skim, or ... Read more

March 3rd 2017  |  Shop, Travel  |  by  Richard Smith

I asked for travel app suggestions from the teams in our Hampshire and Scotland offices. From the many ideas I've chosen the five most passionately argued for, or those recommended at least twice. All the following are available on iThings and Android and are free, except where noted. Vamoos – ... Read more

March 13th 2017  |  Photography Safaris  |  by  Richard Smith

Instagram was my kids’ favourite social network before they moved on to Snapchat, but it certainly still has a place in their lives, and with 150 million daily active users it is one of the most popular social networks. From an Aardvark Safaris’ perspective, it is a great platform for ... Read more

February 20th 2017  |  Travel, Unique Experiences  |  by  Charlotte Opperman

There’s little doubting that sundowners and Africa are a match made in heaven – in fact the word sundowner only seems to exist in Africa. Whether it’s a cool glass of wine, an ice cold beer or a crisp G&T, you’ll enjoy your drink amid scenery that only this glorious ... Read more