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July 13th 2014  |  Zambia  |  by  Sarah Durie

The busy schedule on my recent Zambia educational trip kept me on my toes and on the move daily, taking in highlights including Livingstone and the impressive Victoria Falls, the stunning Lower Zambezi National Park and the game rich South Luangwa National Park. There was, however, one night I was ... Read more

July 12th 2014  |  Tanzania, Unique Experiences  |  by  Sarah Durie

Having just returned from a fascinating trip to Tanzania, I am surprised how little is known about the southern area of the mainland and a couple of the smaller outlying islands in the Zanzibar archipelago. Tanzania is best known for the Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater, Kilimanjaro National Parks, and Zanzibar. Well managed and ... Read more

June 21st 2014  |  Malawi  |  by  Richard Smith

Landlocked Malawi is full of surprises. In the heart of the continent John Spence discovers some of Africa’s finest beach destinations. The turquoise pan-flat waters stretched on every side. The beach on Lake Malawi was of the softest golden sand and I’d just finished snorkelling among shoals of kaleidoscopic fish. ... Read more

June 21st 2014  |  Uganda  |  by  Victoria Langmead

I’m fortunate to travel widely in order to keep my Africa knowledge up to date. It’s always exciting, but even more so to visit a country I’ve not spent time in before. From the minute I landed in Uganda I knew I was in for a treat. Uganda Highlights Dramatic ... Read more

June 21st 2014  |  Botswana  |  by  Richard Smith

When John Spence rides into a herd of grumpy elephant, he's very happy his alert horse seems already poised for a quick exit! I'd forgotten what a great experience it is to ride among Africa's game. On my last trip to Botswana we got fairly close to some grumpy bull ... Read more

June 21st 2014  |  Kenya  |  by  Sarah Durie

Kenya Beach Resorts Jo and Sarah sent this dispatch from the Kenyan coast while we were shivering in early December. It’s worth remembering that although inland areas of Kenya tend to get some rain in November, this is actually one of the best times to travel to the Kenyan Coast ... Read more

June 21st 2014  |  Botswana, Wildlife Safaris  |  by  Jo Ainscough

I had visions of leaving a cold and wet Edinburgh for an outrageously hot and even wetter Botswana - I was wrong. I spent a couple of weeks in December (their summer) exploring parts of this large but under populated country, and even though I went in the supposed rainy ... Read more

June 21st 2014  |  Community Safaris, South Africa  |  by  Jo Netscher

South African Battlefields The hairs on the back of my arms stood to attention like soldiers ready for battle as Rob Kaskie’s voice boomed through the auditorium of the Royal Geographic Society. Rob’s passionate account captivated the audience and transported all of us to one of the smallest battlefields in ... Read more

June 21st 2014  |  Madagascar, Wildlife Safaris  |  by  Jo Ainscough

Francis and Jo recently spent three weeks on an unforgettable exploratory trip to Madagascar which was neatly summed up by Francis as, ‘an intoxicating blend of people, landscape and wildlife. Combine the best bits,' he says, ‘and you get a wonderfully diverse holiday. It’s not for the faint hearted, there’s ... Read more