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July 13th 2014  |   Namibia  |  by   Charlotte Opperman

Namibia flying safari Charlotte Opperman finds a fly-in safari offers more than just a new perspective on Namibia’s dramatic desert landscapes. Hosted by Namibia’s Schoeman family, she finds herself discovering a whole new world that vehicles just can’t reach. A series of adventures packed into a few short days leave ... Read more

July 13th 2014  |   Kenya, South Africa, Zambia  |  by   Lucinda Rome

Imagine having your own house on safari – a real home away from home with spectacular views over the surrounding landscape and wildlife. The idea’s not as far-fetched as it might sound. There is an array of options on offer, whether you want to safari in Kenya, Zambia, Namibia or ... Read more

July 13th 2014  |   Botswana  |  by   James Eacott

My recent trip to Botswana took me through the whole range of accommodation styles, activities and wildlife on offer in this safari wonderland. I could write pages on the whole experience but in the end decided the best way to break it down to manageable chunks was to look at ... Read more

March 2nd 2018  |   Botswana, Kenya, South Africa  |  by   Charlotte Opperman

Introducing your family to the thrill of Africa family safaris is magical. Pick the right spot and you’ll have the holiday of a lifetime. We can recommend exclusive safari houses, privately guided mobile safaris and classic tented camps. All offering wildlife and cultural experiences that embrace every generation. Aardvark favourites include: Kenya ... Read more

July 13th 2014  |   Seychelles  |  by   Francis Naumann

Francis, one of our most travelled safari experts, is beguiled by the beaches of the Seychelles. A thousand miles east of Africa’s mainland lies a cluster of tiny, remote islands far out in the Indian Ocean. This archipelago seems to have been scattered from a giant’s hand, strung out over ... Read more

July 13th 2014  |   Wildlife Safaris, Interviews  |  by   Richard Smith
Jackson Looseyia Kenyan guide extraordinaire. Masai warrior, village elder, co-owner of Rekero Camp

Saba Douglas-Hamilton Saba’s first job was with Save The Rhino Trust in Namibia and later was an anthropological consultant for the National Museums of Kenya. In 1997 she joined her father’s charity, Save The Elephants and whilst working in the Samburu National Reserve she was talent-spotted by the BBC, thus ... Read more

July 13th 2014  |   Kenya, Uganda  |  by   Charlie Swanson

In between getting married and moving to our office in America, Charlie Swanson took an incredible fact finding safari through some of East Africa’s finest safari destinations. We asked him to pick out some of his highlights. Gorilla Tracking To see the mountain gorillas you have to ‘track’ them first. ... Read more

July 13th 2014  |   Kenya, Wildlife Safaris  |  by   Richard Smith

Kerry Glen runs Karisia Safaris and organises wonderful walking trips in Kenya. We love her walking camel safaris as do many of our clients who often cite them as the highlight of their trips. Here Richard has asked her to tell us a little bit about what makes Karisia so ... Read more

July 13th 2014  |   Zanzibar and islands  |  by   Richard Smith

The advantage of any safari in East Africa is that you are within easy reach of a wide variety of excellent beach locations for a few nights relaxation pre or post game viewing. You can find beautiful white sandy beaches, excellent snorkelling and dive sites, or wild beaches with great ... Read more

July 13th 2014  |   Botswana, Community Safaris  |  by   Jo Netscher

Whenever I used to hear someone talk about Botswana there were two things that would immediately spring to mind. The first was the vivacious character of Mma Ramotswe, from Alexander McCall-Smith’s ‘Number 1 Ladies' Detective Agency’. The second being the image of African elephants wading through the luscious green flood ... Read more