Sossus Under Canvas

Sossus Under Canvas is located on the private 24,000 hectare Neuhof Nature Reserve, close to the Namib-Naukluft National Park.  Positioned between the Nubib and Zaris Mountains, this camp is just 30 minutes’ drive from the entrance gate to Sossusvlei, and the massive and world famous sand dunes to be seen there.

Accommodation & Facilities
The camp has eight well shaded Meru tents, each with ensuite open-air bathrooms with bucket showers, flushing loos and solar lighting.  The camp has a dining room, a lounge, and seating areas around the fireplace.  Sossus Under Canvas is ideal for groups of four to twelve guests wishing for an exclusive use camp, and is also available for couples for a small surcharge.

Wildlife & Activities
Activities include visits to Sossusvlei with your private guide, and exploring the private Neuhof Nature Reserve on nature walks and drives, visiting desert pools, star gazing, sleeping out under the stars at the Star Beds, walking safaris, and mountain biking on the reserve.  Sossus Under Canvas also provides a convenient base from which to go on hot air balloon flights as well as scenic helicopter and fixed wing flights over the local area.  A photographers paradise, the region offers fantastic landscapes, night time photography and the iconic quiver trees among many fascinating features.

Sossus Under Canvas Camp Gallery click for large image