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November 22nd 2017  |  Botswana, Community Safaris, Family Safaris, Kenya, Namibia, South Africa, Tanzania  |  by  Richard Smith

So you travelled long haul pre-children and maybe even backpacked somewhere adventurous. But since the little ones came along you’ve graduated from Center-Parcs to Mark Warner, and now you're ready for more. Can a family safari really be a sensible ambition? And if it is, why is it so good? ... Read more

October 17th 2017  |  Community Safaris, Shop  |  by  Charlotte Opperman

Many of the lodges we work with will have small shops on site selling anything from safari clothing to beaded jewellery. If you are driving from lodge to lodge you’re very likely to pass roadside traders selling metallic animals, basket ware and other goods. And there are some hidden gems ... Read more

March 17th 2017  |  Community Safaris, Travel  |  by  Richard Smith

As I spend my days helping to plan safari holidays, I'm on the receiving end of countless emails with links to safari camp newsletters and blogs. In general they’re an interesting mix of staffing news, updates on property renovations, wildlife sightings, and conservation information. There are plenty I skim, or ... Read more

May 16th 2016  |  Community Safaris, Kenya, Wildlife Safaris  |  by  Francis Naumann

It is hard not to fall in love with Kenya: most visitors, after their first holiday, want to return to further explore secret places in Kenya. These off the beaten path regions each have their own merits with unsurpassed wildlife, easy access, and diversity of holiday accommodation. They are great for ... Read more

January 20th 2016  |  Community Safaris, Madagascar, Photography Safaris, Wildlife Safaris  |  by  Richard Smith

Madagascar’s extraordinary diversity has been wonderfully captured on BBC2’s current Sunday night series. Narrated by David Attenborough, the three episodes explore the unique wildlife and distinct scenery of this ecologically distinct island. Aardvark Safaris has been planning holidays to Madagascar for over 16 years and our travel experts have visited ... Read more

December 17th 2015  |  Community Safaris, Mozambique  |  by  Alice Gully

Ibo Island, part of the Quirimbas archipelago in the Indian Ocean off northern Mozambique, is so remote it took me three separate planes and the best part of a day to get there from the UK. Originally a Muslim trading port, the island was fortified by the colonising Portuguese in ... Read more

November 5th 2015  |  Community Safaris, Namibia, Wildlife Safaris  |  by  Victoria Langmead

Victoria Langmead finds Namibia a surprising and unexpected delight self driving in Namibia – even if she has to drive around with her boss as a passenger. How easy is it to self drive Namibia? I’d never driven in Africa before so was unsure what to expect but I soon ... Read more

September 25th 2015  |  Community Safaris, Conservation Safaris, Rwanda, Wildlife Safaris  |  by  Richard Smith

A round up of Gorilla Trekking FAQ's in Rwanda Gorilla tracking in Rwanda is extremely easy going for safari beginners, you can accomplish it in a long weekend. Our clients have gorilla trekked on honeymoon, as a graduation holiday, an add on to a classic family safari, a long weekend ... Read more

July 1st 2017  |  Community Safaris, Conservation Safaris, Kenya, Wildlife Safaris  |  by  Alice Gully
Frank, Samburu Mporian and Saba and her daughters, image credit Elephant Watch Camp, Kenya

Q1 Tell me about the series. What's it about? What are you hoping to achieve from the programme? This Wild Life follows the behind-the-scenes dramas of our daily life at Elephant Watch Camp - showing what it's like to run a high-end safari camp in a remote location, with elephant ... Read more

September 19th 2015  |  Community Safaris, Family Safaris, Kenya  |  by  Ben Forbes

Taking my family on a Kenya safari This report popped into the Aardvark inbox recently and sums up so evocatively what a Kenya family safari is all about. We’ve reproduced a snippet in the current issue of our Drumbeat newsletter but here’s Ben Forbes’ full write up of his family's ... Read more