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April 28th 2020  |   Unique Experiences, Ethiopia  |  by   Francis Naumann

I thought I’d seen all that Africa has to offer during more than 25 years of travelling the continent, but Ethiopia put me straight. It is wonderfully different to anywhere else in Southern and East Africa, and with so much variety it feels like its own world, apart from the ... Read more

December 11th 2017  |   Unique Experiences, Tanzania, Ethiopia  |  by   Charlotte Opperman

Scenic Air Safari's new 2018 northern Kenya and southern Ethiopia itinerary uses a private Cessna Grand Caravan trace the Omo Delta, touching down in some of Africa's most remote and hard-to-reach places.  This fully inclusive tailor-made safari allows guests to enjoy largely untouched cultures and some scenic and historical highlights ... Read more

January 20th 2017  |   Travel, Wildlife Safaris, Madagascar, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda, Ethiopia  |  by   Charlotte Opperman

With chimpanzees sharing 99% and gorillas 98% of DNA with humans, they are our closest living relatives. Both are among a number of 'key species' of primates on many people's safari wish lists. The others we get asked for most regularly include lemurs and gelada baboons. Chimpanzees Chimps in Uganda ... Read more