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January 20th 2017  |  Ethiopia, Madagascar, Rwanda, Tanzania, Travel, Uganda, Wildlife Safaris  |  by  Charlotte Opperman

With chimpanzees sharing 99% and gorillas 98% of DNA with humans, they are our closest living relatives. Both are among a number of 'key species' of primates on many people's safari wish lists. The others we get asked for most regularly include lemurs and gelada baboons. Chimpanzees Chimps in Uganda ... Read more

January 13th 2017  |  Madagascar, Travel, Unique Experiences, Wildlife Safaris  |  by  Jo Ainscough

Lemurs are found only in Madagascar. They enjoy the island’s diverse habitats which support over 100 species and sub-species of lemur. Some of them thrive in the forest regions while others do extremely well in hot deserts found elsewhere in the country; they all consume fruits, flowers and insects. Here ... Read more

November 17th 2016  |  Madagascar, Travel, Unique Experiences, Wildlife Safaris  |  by  Richard Smith

As we walked through the rainforest a song repeated itself in my head “You’ve got to move it move it, you’ve got to move it move it”. Anyone who has seen Disney’s film Madagascar will know it’s the song the ring-tailed lemur King Julian sings. However in this instance we ... Read more

August 24th 2016  |  Madagascar, Mozambique, South Africa, Travel, Unique Experiences, Wildlife Safaris  |  by  Francis Naumann

Africa is associated in most peoples’ minds with large mammals, mostly terrestrial and not necessarily aquatic ones. It might come as a surprise that the continent offers some of the finest whale watching in the world. There are a variety of destinations offering really good seasonal sightings and the chance ... Read more

January 20th 2016  |  Community Safaris, Madagascar, Photography Safaris, Wildlife Safaris  |  by  Richard Smith

Madagascar’s extraordinary diversity has been wonderfully captured on BBC2’s current Sunday night series. Narrated by David Attenborough, the three episodes explore the unique wildlife and distinct scenery of this ecologically distinct island. Aardvark Safaris has been planning holidays to Madagascar for over 16 years and our travel experts have visited ... Read more

January 20th 2016  |  Madagascar, Wildlife Safaris  |  by  Richard Smith

Feel like David Attenborough in the BBC series with this Madagascar holiday exploring the wildlife and scenery of the island. David Attenborough explored much of Madagascar in the BBC series based on the island. Madagascar holidays offer beautiful wildlife not found anywhere else on Earth. We’ve put together a wildlife ... Read more

January 12th 2016  |  Botswana, Kenya, Madagascar, Malawi, Mauritius, Mozambique, Namibia, Rwanda, Seychelles, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, Zanzibar and islands, Zimbabwe  |  by  Charlotte Opperman

Year-round there is somewhere in Africa and the Indian Ocean with sunny days and great wildlife. Here are some of our favourite places to visit month by month. January – safari in Kenya and you’ll have superb wildlife. The Masai Mara is excellent and less visited at this time of ... Read more

August 17th 2015  |  Kenya, Madagascar, South Africa, Tanzania, Wildlife Safaris, Zambia  |  by  Richard Smith

Africa never ceases to amaze me; just as I think I’ve seen it all I hear of another incredible wildlife experience and the planning for my next safari begins. Wildebeest migration The wildebeest migration is world famous, spawning countless newspaper articles and making photographers such as the Burrard-Lucas brothers into ... Read more

March 19th 2015  |  Kenya, Madagascar, Malawi, Namibia, South Africa, Tanzania, Zambia  |  by  Richard Smith

Exclusive Safari Lodges A round up of ten of the most delightful places to get away from the masses, sit back and relax in tranquility in these hidden escapes in Africa. Ndomo Point House, Malawi Bedroom at Ndomo Point House, Malawi If you’ve ever fantasised about escaping to your own private ... Read more

June 21st 2014  |  Madagascar, Wildlife Safaris  |  by  Jo Ainscough

Francis and Jo recently spent three weeks on an unforgettable exploratory trip to Madagascar which was neatly summed up by Francis as, ‘an intoxicating blend of people, landscape and wildlife. Combine the best bits,' he says, ‘and you get a wonderfully diverse holiday. It’s not for the faint hearted, there’s ... Read more