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June 8th 2017  |  Botswana, Kenya, Namibia, Riding Safaris, South Africa, Tanzania, Travel, Unique Experiences  |  by  Charlotte Opperman

Guiding riding safaris through ‘your’ patch of the African wilderness on a daily basis is surely one of the best jobs ever.  But are these lucky few ever tempted to ride elsewhere, either in Africa or the rest of the world?  We’ve asked some of the guides we work with ... Read more

June 5th 2017  |  Kenya, Riding Safaris, South Africa, Travel  |  by  Jo Ainscough

For an experienced rider there's a great choice. If you are an experienced, competent rider, there’s a great choice of exhilarating, fast riding in Southern and East Africa.  In Kenya you can ride across the Masai Mara with the wildebeest migration, head to Botswana and explore the magnificent Okavango Delta, or ... Read more

May 26th 2017  |  Kenya, Riding Safaris, South Africa, Tanzania, Travel, Uganda  |  by  Alice Gully

It's always exciting to receive news from the riding safari guides in Africa. Their stories and pictures make it hard to be sitting at a desk in the UK, rather than on a horse in the bush. Here’s a round-up of recent news and new safari rides. A first for ... Read more

May 25th 2017  |  Riding Safaris, Travel  |  by  Alice Gully

Joining a hosted riding safari can be a great way to experience Africa in a completely hassle-free way. If you’re travelling alone, are embarking on an African safari for the first time, or simply don’t want to think about anything other than enjoying every moment in the wilderness it’s something ... Read more

February 2nd 2017  |  Riding Safaris, Travel  |  by  Alice Gully

Riding in Africa is a real thrill. Whether you’re hacking on a glorious white sandy beach or galloping alongside Kenya’s great wildebeest migration it’s a magical experience. Here are some of the most memorable unique places to ride: 1. Cantering across the flooded grasslands of the Okavango Delta, Botswana The ... Read more

January 5th 2017  |  Botswana, Riding Safaris, Travel, Unique Experiences  |  by  Alice Gully

There are a number of fantastic riding safaris in Botswana, and with so many to choose from it is important to pick the right one for you. They range from galloping across the Kalahari desert to swimming through the channels of the Okavango Delta. I have outlined some of the ... Read more

August 24th 2016  |  Riding Safaris, South Africa, Wildlife Safaris  |  by  Alice Gully

“I’m hosting a trip to Wait A Little in May. Join us if you’d like.” This was my answer to anyone wanting to ride in Africa, who was struggling to find riding pals to go away with. Wait A Little is on the edge of the Kruger National Park in ... Read more

March 21st 2016  |  Botswana, Kenya, Riding Safaris, South Africa  |  by  Alice Gully

A Round Up Of Four Of The Best Riding Safaris What comes to mind when you think of a classic African riding safari?  Maybe it’s galloping across the open plains of the Masai Mara? Or perhaps swimming your horse through a tributary of the mighty Okavango Delta? Whatever you imagine, ... Read more

March 14th 2016  |  Botswana, Kenya, Riding Safaris, South Africa, Wildlife Safaris  |  by  Alice Gully

A riding safari in Africa is a superb and exciting way to view Africa’s beautiful wildlife. The landscape and terrain is as varied as the animals ensuring that all abilities can be looked after, and there is always somewhere new to explore. We asked five of Africa’s top riding safari ... Read more

February 29th 2016  |  Kenya, Riding Safaris, South Africa  |  by  Alice Gully

The phrase the best 4x4 by far was originally used by Land Rover in an advert, but given there are plenty of places in Africa that horses can get to and vehicles can’t, it’s arguably a better description of being on horseback on a riding safari. Horses have been used ... Read more